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Litter Bug from NicoleM on Vimeo.

Day at the Water cooler from NicoleM on Vimeo.

Walk Cycle – Thinking from NicoleM on Vimeo.

Animation Demo Reel from NicoleM on Vimeo.

Drunken Hero from NicoleM on Vimeo.

                                                            Drunken Hero

            Sloshing my whiskey in its glass I look up to find myself surrounded by complete strangers. A man sits to my right, scruffy in a ‘haven’t shaved in a week’ sort of way and his clothes disheveled. His glazed over stare and slight swaying suggest that he’s past his limit long ago. To my left is an uptight woman sitting very proper with a Julie Andrews, British air to her. Her face looks drained and her makeup long since worn away. She stares perfectly straight ahead, barely blinking. I look down to see her knuckles are turning white as she grips her glass of bourbon. Her fingers straining against the glass so hard that I fear it will shatter. Not that I care about her, you see, just that it would be inconvenient if the shards should find themselves a home embedded into my skin. Her eyes dart to the corner as she notices my staring. Dropping her head, she looks down at her hands as if only just remembering they were there. She shakes her head, mumbling quiet nonsense to herself. Then she slowly looks up and returns to the same position I found her in. The air is perfumed with the scent of alcohol and smoke. Although this is a bar, a disquieting stillness hangs in the air. It’s long before happy hour begins where the rowdy teenagers burst in and pretend to be adults. They guzzle down drinks without a care in the world; not paying tribute to what true alcoholism is all about. Those kids have no respect for anyone anymore. They think heroes only wear skin-tight leather and jump off of rooftops, but I’m a hero too. I risk my life everyday for those snot-nose punks. And what do I get in return? A bad attitude and a low salary. This uniform used to mean something to the community. It stood for justice and commanded respect from others. It was an honor to wear and now it’s nothing but a curse.

Disgusted at the thought, I finally decide I’ve had enough. I get off my chair to find the world less stable than when I had walked in. With every step I take, I can feel the liquid swishing around. After images are blurring my vision and the world is spinning, twirling, streaming light and color in every direction and I-

            Deep breaths. The brick wall is my only solid weight in a sea of chaos. I give it all my weight and rub my hands against its rough texture to remind myself that the world isn’t spinning. Closing my eyes, I count backwards from ten and continue my deep breathing. I roll my shoulders back, open my eyes and begin again. This time the world is slightly less shaky and the fear of throwing up isn’t as pressing. I stare at my feet, concentrating on walking in a straight line and not bouncing as much. I get about five feet from the bar, when a black-clad figure suddenly appears blocking my path. Getting angry, I can only bring my head up midway to look at my assailant. The black cloth flapping around in front of my face, I suddenly realize who it is. The source of my problems and the reason I get no respect. If only it wasn’t for him! I see this now as my chance to prove that he’s not the hero everyone says he is. I muster up my strength to hold my head up long enough to tap him on the shoulder. The fleeting thought that he is a lot shorter than I imagined crosses my mind, but I push it back. I ready myself and before he turns completely around, my fist connects with his face. Through my blurred vision, I can see his black-clad figure go down. “Not so tough now, are ya Batman?” is my parting retort feeling very satisfied. As I stumble away, I can hear the loud cries of the crowd. “Oh my God! Some cop just punched a nun.”

Nicole Marino

19 Bouton Lane

Staten Island, New York 10312

Email: nmarino225@gmail.com

(917) 679-1092

Career Goal
To obtain a rewarding and growing position within a company that utilizes my technical skills, creative abilities, and strong work ethic. I want to work in an environment where I can create the ultimate product by allowing use of my skills in graphics and communications.


Technical Experience

Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X

Autodesk Maya, Pixologic ZBrush

Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Corel Painter, Paint Shop Pro, Portalgraphics OpenCanvas, Systemax Sai

Adobe AfterEffects, Final Cut Pro, ProTools, Microsoft Word

Education and Career Development

School of Visual Arts

BFA Computer Art 2010



2010  Disegno di Esposito, New York, NY
 Assistant Freelance CAD Artist for Proper Attire

-Fully proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CAD graphic and flat design, filling bodies with color and prints, sketching
-Logo design for menswear line, color finalization
-Layouts/typesetting/sketch creation in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
-Helping the design director with print direction/CAD print/artwork
-Daily communication with overseas factories and both New York and Miami offices for follow-up on design creation/strike-offs
-Collaborating with other designers and director to create and prepare full presentations for final collection


2007 – 2010  Esthétique Realm, esthetique-realm.net

Photoshop Editor and Quality Checker

-Cleaning images in Adobe Photoshop and retouching

-Removal of previous words and effects from original language

-Recreating drawn images in Adobe Photoshop

-Typesetting and Layouts in Adobe Photoshop

-Collaboration with team of translators, proofreaders, QC-ers and other editors

-Top Editor with quickest turnaround

-Revision of employee works

-Daily communication with administrators for follow-up

2008  New York Tribeca Film Festival

3D Animated Logo featured

-Textures created in Adobe Photoshop

-Graphic elements created in Adobe Illustrator

-Modeling, lighting, animation, dynamics and rendering in Autodesk Maya

-Post-production in Adobe AfterEffects

-Color correction and render layers

-Final Output in Final Cut Pro

2008  Avante Hair Salon, New York, NY

Freelance Design

-Sketch creation in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

-Layout creation in Adobe InDesign

-Collaborating with management for marketing material

-Design for brochure, advertising, posters, business cards

-Logo creation

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